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SurfAce is not only about designing bikinis, but about sharing our attitude and lifestyle with you!
Each bikini has undergone numerous tests in the water and all functional designs were modified until we felt totally comfortable and safe enough to surf and dive in them. We want the girls who pursue their active passion can stop worrying about their outfit and focus on their sport! Wear our designs and feel free, beautiful and empowered!

SurfAce is here to tell you that YOU CAN DO IT - WHATEVER it is that brings you JOY and gives you the feeling of PURPOSE! Don't back up from challenges, run towards them! You may fail at first, but with patience and endurance you can achieve anything. We believe that if you fall in LOVE with the PROCESS, the RESULTS will COME! Dare to do what makes you happy and enjoy the ride.. We are sure that life will reward you with lots of surprises :)

We hope that every girl who wears our bikinis and apparel can confidently engage in her favorite sport, go out on adventures and travel. She shall be her unique self and don't let anyone or anything stop her from living a healthy, passionate life! Maintain a happy soul, a strong body, and a healthy environment  💚

Shine confidently like a queen.

Challenge yourself like a queen.

Think independently like a queen.

Show empathy and compassion like a queen.

Be classy like a queen. 


This is what it means, to live like a SurfAce Queen!

Get to know the SurfAce Queens!