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Name : Chloe Huang

Birthday: 1989/7/12

Nationality:  Taiwan

Currently living in : Taipei and Hong Kong


Describe yourself shortly:

Indecisive, sentimental and positive. Because I am hesitant and emotional, I always try to convince and motivate myself by using a variety of positive thoughts. Oh, and I really LOVE food! 


What is your favorite quote?

"I don't ask God to give me a smooth life, but to give me the perseverance to face life.”


What about SurfAce do you like the most? 

The colors of the bikinis are beautiful and the suits are really comfortable to wear, especially the way the straps are designed. I can wear them for days! The design of the paddings and cups is also really good, they aren’t just suitable for big but also for small breasts. And on top of this, the bikinis are really durable and dry fast.

There are really too many things I like about SurfAce Bikinis!


Can you tell us more about your personal background and your story?


I studied French at university. Before I graduated, my father had always told me to find a job that made me happy, because that is more important than anything else.

So I first started working at an American restaurant for two years where I had a good experience full of laughter. Later I wanted to become a flight attendant, and after applying for a job 11 times I finally got accepted by Evergreen and Cathaty Pacific! Later on I moved to Hongkong where I kept on going with my flight career for nearly five years. At the end of past year (2018) I started to work part-time as a personal fitness trainer.

It’s crazy how my life has developed in a completely unexpected manner. I can still remember how I tried to skip sports classes when I was a kid, I used to try to hide under the tree’s and gossip with my friends instead!


Share any of your life experience!

I used to be a person who gives up very easily. 

When I had a bad grade in the first year of college, I wanted to change what I was studying. When I encountered a small setback during my first job, I wanted to leave. Then there was a manager who told me one day: “There are not that many opportunities in life for you to just turn around or restart every time you experience a setback.” 

So now when I encounter a setback, I always remember this sentence. I wipe the tears off of my face, tell myself to get up and continue!


What do you think is the hardest part of being a flight attendant?

In fact, there is no specific hard part, because the essence of this work is hard work hahahaha! 

But If I have to chose something, I thing the instant-noodle service on longterm flights is the worst. You gotta cope with never ending service bells, the customers who want instant noodles and alcohol during the entire flight, and you gotta keep on collecting the garbage from all the seats. During these flights it feels like I walk through the cabin 900 times.



What makes your favorite part?

Sometimes we get lots of delicious cheese for business class haha..! When you’re busy as hell but you can grab a piece or two after getting everything done, it’s a simple but a very satisfying feeling to me.


What makes you start to enter the world of fitness?

I didn’t take care of myself when I first started flying as an attendant, I became fat at some point and I got sick.

At that point I realized that I had to exercise more and pay attention to my diet, to become strong enough to keep on flying through the world!



Can you share your favorite fitness meal?

I love beef stew or steak with a loads and loads of vegetables. Add a baked, tender sweet potato to it, and I am the happiest person ever!



What kind of impact did fitness have on you, what did you learn?

My cooking skills have improved a lot, I could only cook egg soup before hahaha! 

I’d also say that I have become way more persevering as a person. To be honest, flying around and having a messed up schedule is really tiring, and it’s really hard to maintain a disciplined training regime.

Now it doesn't matter how tired I get from work, how bad the facilities of the hotel gym might be, I insist on my training and I always find a way to make a healthy fitness meal. 

Compared to other athletes, I might not have that much strength and the perfect posture, but I have the willpower to do regular trainings, eat regularly, and make healthy, balanced meals to become better and stronger. 

The unremitting efforts for keeping up with my health have also taught me how to face other challenges in life. If today wasn't perfect, it doesn't matter, I am gonna keep on going tomorrow! 


What was the biggest setback in your life, and how did you handle it?

The biggest setbacks where probably those of a failed love affair, and when I was unable to get accepted for the flight attendant job! I was crying a lot and I hung on to my friends. But one day I just felt I cried enough. I got up, looked in the mirror and told myself that from now on, I was gonna live my life for myself!



After wearing the SurfAce sport collections, how do you feel about the designs? 

I was really impressed about the amazing quick-dry function of the fabric you guys use! The ventilation is crazy good, sweat doesn't stink, and the clothes fit perfectly! 



What are your skin regimes and beauty tips?

Actually I don’t have any beauty regimes, I am too busy and therefore too lazy when it comes to use cosmetics! I only use simple conditioning liquid


In addition to working out, do you have any other hobbies?

Cooking! And finding inspiration for new recipes.



Which countries and cities have you been to, and which were the most memorable for you ?  

This is difficult to answer, there are too many…  Cairns in Australia, Frankfurt, New York, Zurich, and Lembongan Island in Indonesia…



Would you like to share any secret about you, something that most people probably don't know?

I hate wearing pants at home.... I only wear underwear and a top to cook and do household, no matter if it’s summer or winter.  But if my roommate is around, I’ll wear pants of course, I’m too shy to keep on doing that with other people around haha!



Any suggestions for our SurfAce Babes who want to start fitness but don’t know how?

In fact, the quickest way to improve is to find a coach.

But when I started practicing, I was asking my friends who were already training. I went online to find information and watched plenty of teaching videos. Later on when I had a coach I found out that I wasn’t being efficient, but at the same time I felt that I learned a lot by going through my own winding roads of long research, and by through that I had developed a habit of not relying on anyone and constantly improving and learning by myself. 

The thing is you shouldn't be afraid to do something wrong. Don’t think you’re gonna get hurt immediately when you do something wrong, just start. The body isn’t as fragile as you think, and it will definitely become stronger through the training. 



What exciting things are coming up for you in 2020? Any goals?


In the coming year, my goal is to apply all the muscle strength that I gained during training to other sports that are fun -  I want to go rock climbing, practice yoga, do trail running and more.
Also I want to start managing my finances more seriously... This is a great challenge because I am really someone who loves to spend money! 

Last year I had a lot of ups and downs, I was often overwhelmed by negative emotions because I overworked myself. Now I want to regain self love and enjoy my life. I need to learn to accept all good and bad results, because I believe that happiness is a choice, and making sure you are living a life full of joy is more important that anything!



Anything else you’d like to share with our SurfAce Babes?

Don't be afraid of failure or injury, the processes will force you to grow.

Hold on, and one day you will look back at all the setbacks with gratitude.

Because no matter if the outcome was a success or not, you will always be proud of your own efforts!