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 Name: Dominika Orgonová

Birthday: 1991/08/17/

Nationality: Slovak 

Where are you living now: Taiwan, Kaohsiung 


Describe yourself in three words : 

Independent, creative, adventurous 



I like to keep moving, to discover new places, to try new dishes from different countries and to get to know more about their cultures. I like to do a little bit of everything. In a morning I could be diving and spending the evening in gallery. 


what is it that you like about SurfAce ? what made you like SurfAce ?


There are many reasons why I love SurfAce, first of all for all the stunning swimwear and bikini, which are not just beautiful and unique designs but also functional. The second thing what I appreciate about SurfAce is their ethical approach to production and their care for environmental sustainability. And the last and the most important is the lovely and inspiring team whom is heart of the SurfAce. 


Please introduce yourself and tell us about your background. What’s your story and what kind of experiences have made you who you are today? 


I am from a small country in Europe called Slovakia. From the time around I was 10 years old, I was fascinated and interested in different places and their cultures. In that time it was more just dreaming but as I grow up and see opportunities to go experience what I just see in TV or read at books, even I have to said my parents takes me to travel in Europe quite a lot, it was not enough to satisfy my curiosity. So from the time I was teenager I always saving money knowing very well how I want to spend them on travelling. One day I decide to step out from my comfort zone and just grab a chance to start traveling by myself. And I consider that as the best decision I have made in my life so far, in conclusion all of the different people I’ve met, all of the different cultures and experiences during my traveling I have had, made me who I am. 



What’s your hobby? What do you like to do during your free time? 

It’s always changing a little bit depends where I am staying at that moment. These days I am really into yoga and because now I am living in Taiwan I like to spend my free time by exploring new places, also I like to go diving or surfing if I have enough free time. 


What is your job in your country? What is your major and specialty? 

The last summer I finished my master degree in International Business and I have been working in Construction Company as an assistant of sale and acquisition department. 


In 2018 the first time to be SurfAce model and 2019 we would like to do a photo shoot again. What do you feel and do you have any special feeling? 

I was honored and excited to be model for SurfAce! It was great and fun experience, as it gives me a chance to step out from my comfort zone and see myself in new light. 


Could you share your feeling with us when the first time you be the model?  

I was really nervous and excited at the same time. Also I have to admit that I was concerned about the outcome as I didn't have any experience with modeling before. But the whole team was great and really helpful. They made me feel comfortable, so at the end I just enjoyed this experience without too much worries. 


During the shooting, which part you think is the funniest one? 

The whole shooting is always fun, I can be just myself, sometimes playing around. There are always some unexpected situations which makes everyone burst into laughter. 


How you take care of your skin? What is your most important beauty secret? 

I am obsessed with my organic coffee coconut scrub, which makes my skin smooth and smell freaking amazing. 


During the shooting, which part you think is hard and tired? 

Sometimes the schedule of the shooting was tight so no one had a time to eat or take a break so it was pretty tiring. Also when we were shooting outdoor for the whole day and stayed on a sun from early morning till late evening I felt quite exhausted but of course still happy and satisfied for a whole day spent on the beach. 


What is the reason that you come to Taiwan for study again? 

I fell in love with this country, I feel really comfortable to be living here. There are many reasons but the most importants are that the taiwanese people are the most kind-hearted and friendliness people I have ever met while travelling , then because of the taiwanese nature and ocean which are things I miss so much in my country and of course because of my lovely friends here. 


Which part that you like Taiwan most and why? Tasty foods? Cultures or something else? (you can choose one of it to answer it.) 

It's definitely Kenting, because of the beaches and the food, the lifestyle of people that live there, the weather here is almost for whole year hot so you have summer for a whole year here. You can go swimming, surfing, diving every day or you can go hiking and go to exploring the nature into national park. 


What is your favorite outdoor activity? 

As I said before I like to do a lot of different activities, depands where I am, here in Taiwan I like to as outdoor activity diving,surfing or swimming but back in Slovakia whithout the ocean I enjoy running, playing golf, hiking and especially in winter I am definitely skiing and snowboarding.

Which part of ocean attracts you most? What is your favorite sea animal or creature? 

My life dream is once to live on the beach and every morning to wake up on the sounds of the waves and ocean, I think it's the most beautiful sound what fill my mind with joy and peace. I am fascinated by arctic unicorns of the sea- NARWHAL. Those underwater creatures are not really well known but they have higher intelligent than most of the animal and not able to live in capture what makes them mysterous and in the past people believe that their horns have a magic power. 


What exciting plans or goals do you have for this year that you want to reach or get done for sure? 

Definitely travelling and experience some voluntary work what I conside for a perfect combination. I would like to find a job in abroad which as i believe can be more than a boring monotonous job, in which I can put myself and my creativity into. Learn something new because we should educate ourself for the whole life and also improve my chinese. 


What is the last thing that you would like to share and tell our SurfAce babes 

Life is out there, full of infinity opportunities and possibilities, you have nothing to lose. So live your life exactly how you want to, because it’s yours one, no ones else. Be kind not to just yourself but also to other people and to our HOME (planet).