"No Regrets" - Swim and Surf Collection 

We have added another fantastic sustainable fabric choice into our bikini series - Econyl - recycled nylon made in Italy.  The 2021 collection combines surf and casual designs, and grate upgrades of our former classic bikini tops! 


In the new collection we celebrate living without regrets, because we believe that we are all connected with each other and should try to live in harmony with our environment and people around us. We always want to grounded and true to our heart, and we encourage for everyone to the same.


"When we were born we came with nothing,

And when we leave, we leave with nothing.

The only thing we can't take back is time..

There’s nothing to win and nothing to lose.

So be brave to give and love.

Live in the moment.

Live a life with No Regrets..."

- Eileen