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FAQ and Service

Below you can find the most frequently asked questions about SurfAce Apparel. If you cannot find an answer to your questions, please contact us via customer service. We will respond in 24 hours. 

  • Does SurfAce offer repair services? Yes!
SurfAce hopes that our products last as long as possible, that's why we put a lot of effort in quality. Clothing does wear out over time though, and we encourage you to fix things before throwing them away. Some things are very specific and hard to repair by yourself, therefore we'd like to offer you repair service for following items: 

* Attach a new SurfAce logo:  3USD each 
* Y-back bikini straps extension: 3USD each 
* New bikini straps (we remove the old ones and exchange) : 10 USD 
* New buttons for beach ponchos and body suits: 2 USD
* Upgrade the straps from the basic “fit bikini top” to the 2.0 version which includes a fixed ring in the middle of the back: 5 USD

Shipping fee will be added to the repair cost. 
Enjoy free shipping for total repair of 35USD and more!

If you need any of the above services, please contact us and follow the steps below:
1: Send a photo of the item and the part of the product that needs to be repaired to our online chat customer service 
2: We will evaluate the repair service and give you notice about repair cost and time (usually 1-3weeks)
3: Payment and conduct of repair. 
Click here to download repair document. Please fill it out and send it back with the product. 

  • How should I choose my size?


Refer to the bra-cup size you usually wear and choose according to the top size chart. 

Western and Asian cup sizes countries differ a lot, therefore please make sure you choose accordingly.


We recommend you to have a friend helping you to take the measurements around hip and bottom. If you do it yourself, pay attention to holding the measurement band horizontally. Choose according to the bottom size chart.


Refer to the bra-cup size and your hip/bottom measurement like with the bikini top and bottom. 

The length of the body increases with the its size.


Take measurements around waist and bottom, choose according to the leggings size chart.

  • What is the difference between fixed paddings and exchangeable paddings? 

The fixed paddings are thicker (~1.7cm in the middle) and give the bikini cups a more solid shape and a little push-up.

The exchangeable paddings are only  ~ 0.8cm thick, they can be removed, washed, exchanged etc. Therefore the cups of the bikini top are more elastic and leaves  your bust its own natural shape.

  • Cleaning and maintenance of swimwear

Handwash in cold water without detergent or with a mild cleanser.  Let the bikini drip dry in shade. (Do not to use hot water, hard laundry detergent or bleach. Machine drying or hanging the bikini in direct hot sun light destroys the swimsuit's fabric as well as the straps' rubber!)

Swimwear fabrics are elastic, therefore it's easy for sand to get stuck in-between the fibers. When the swimsuit is wet, the sand will stick, therefore it'll be easier to get rid of the sand after the suit has dried. 

After playing at the beach and having a lot of sand inside the bottom, avoid flushing water directly towards the middle of the bottom. The sand might get stuck even deeper. Use a flicking movement instead as an initial clean-up. 

After the swimsuit is semi-dry or completely dry, flip the inside out and pick on the fabric, letting the sand pop out. 
In case there is still some sand, put the bikini in to a sink with water, stretch the fabric slightly while under water and let the sand drop to the ground of the sink. Sometimes soaking for a only a few minutes might help as well to dilute dirt. 

  • How to store a bikini top properly

Overlap the bikini cups instead of folding them like into each other like a mirror. Doing that can cause deformation of the paddings. 

(Treat the bikini top like a bra, it is a delicate piece of clothing!)

  • Can I make changes on my purchase or cancel my purchase? 

Yes, but only if we haven't packed or shipped your order yet. 

To contact us, please login, click on your order, and send us a message via the online chat.

  • Returns and Refunds

Make sure you follow the size chart before ordering.

If for some reason the size doesn't fit you, you can exchange or return your unworn order within the 14 days after receiving it.

Due to the limited nature of some of our patterns and fabrics, changes will be subject to their availability.

For Return Policy and step-by-step return instructions click here: Return Policy

  • Defective?

We will replace it. If you are not satisfied, we won't be either! Sometimes things don't go as planned, even if we try our best. So, if you receive your swimsuit and you find a major problem, let us know within the week after receiving it. Please send us a mail at service@surfaceapparel.com  and tell us what is missing. 

We will reply within 48 hours. After we accept the product, we will replace it with the same design if available.

Orders damaged during shipping or after wearing them will not be considered defective and can not be accepted. 

The real color of the swimsuit does sometimes differ slightly to the colour on the photos due to settings and the lighting of the user's digital screen. Please take that in consideration.

  • Where do I return my order to?


SurfAce Apparel 售後服務中心 




SurfAce Apparel - Sales Service 

No. 51-1, Xingang Rd., Shengang Township, Changhua County 509, Taiwan(R.O.C.)  

+886 4-7981135#221

  • More questions? 

Contact us via the online chat or LINE @jxa0754b