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Our Philosophy

Multicultural and Inclusive

We are a team of international and taiwanese women who love to collaborate with freelancers and businesses from all over the world. Our team is multilingual and multicultural! We work hard, play hard, travel and explore. At our core we are individuals that cherish the challenging communication and mutual learning which happens in a culturally diverse working space. We have different backgrounds and come from different places, but we are connected through our common values and goals.  At SurfAce Apparel we have created our own business philosophy that is interconnected to our life in nature and our community.

Sustainable Fabric

At SurfAce Apparel our vision is to make the whole production process and service as green as possible. The dream is to make a 100% environmental friendly product and contribute to a better future. And even though the textile and clothing industry has become a wasteful one, we know we’re not the only ones who are working towards a change. We keep on demanding for eco-friendly materials and methods from our suppliers no matter if manufacturing costs are higher, less convenient or more complicated. We are proud to say that all our bikinis are made from regenerated Nylon and recycled PET. We are always looking out for new ways to upgrade the quality we deliver without giving up our vision. 


ECONYL® regenerated nylon is made out of waste that’s been rescued from landfills and oceans around the world. It performs exactly the same as brand new nylon and it can be recycled and recreated again and again.。 That means you can create new products and buy new products without ever having to use new resources. As humans, our appetite to create new designs and to enjoy new products is infinite. But the planet’s resources aren’t. That's why we use ECONYL® in our bikinis and support each other in achieving this goal of a greener future. 

Ethical Production

It was a big challenge to change from sewing the bikinis at our home studio to having them made by an external manufacturer. During the search for a suitable factory we faced problems like quantity requirements, communication, trust and transparency. In summer 2016 we got lucky and coincidentally stumbled upon our manufacturing partner in Taiwan. Like us, clothing department of the factory had only been established in 2014, therefore preferred to work with small quantities and trustable people. Owned by a lovely family that had been producing threads for decades to supply many top textile factories throughout the country, they absolutely amazed us with their caring support and professionalism. 

Since the beginning of our collaboration we haven’t ever looked back - in our opinion it has been the best choice we've ever made! Our team visits the factory often and we solve problems together. They are like family to us. We value their exceeding transparency, passionate attitude and kindness, and always look forward to creating new designs with them!

Naked Products, Less Packaging

Packaging is a love-hate relationship. Companies and private sellers that deliver products through mail often over-package, putting a pre-boxed item in a second box, and sometimes even in a third one. This practice, which may be called the “Russian doll” approach is exceedingly wasteful. Furthermore packages with multilayers must be separated for recycling, but the recycling process is so expensive or difficult that it simply won’t happen, and the package will directly end up in landfills… Our solution? 

Using recycled, regenerated or reusable packaging materials, rather than traditional plastic. And another factor is to directly reduce the packaging to it's minimum! At our brick and mortar shop we used to only package our products if the customer wished so, otherwise we used to hand them over “naked”!  For shipping we now use a satin bag and a thin and simple envelope or a small box made of recycled paper. Just enough to protect and ship the items, but not hard to separate for recycling. Recycle the envelope and reuse the pretty satin bag for your bikinis. Less packaging, less burden!