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Repair Service

  • Does SurfAce offer repair services? Yes!
SurfAce hopes that our products last as long as possible, that's why we put a lot of effort in quality. Clothing does wear out over time though, and we encourage you to fix things before throwing them away. Some things are very specific and hard to repair by yourself, therefore we'd like to offer you repair service for following items: 

* Attach a new SurfAce logo:  3USD each 
* Y-back bikini straps extension: 3USD each 
* New bikini straps (we remove the old ones and exchange) : 10 USD 
* New buttons for beach ponchos and body suits: 2 USD
* Upgrade the straps from the basic “fit bikini top” to the 2.0 version which includes a fixed ring in the middle of the back: 5 USD

Shipping fee will be added to the repair cost. 
Enjoy free shipping for total repair of 35USD and more!

If you need any of the above services, please contact us and follow the steps below:
1: Send a photo of the item and the part of the product that needs to be repaired to our online chat customer service 
2: We will evaluate the repair service and give you notice about repair cost and time (usually 1-3weeks)
3: Payment and conduct of repair. 
Click here to download repair document. Please fill it out and send it back with the product.