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The Natural Hustle EP1

The Natural Hustle is a mini web-series and documentary on Youtube which tells the story of young entrepreneurs who live abroad and pursue their dreams of opening up their own business. This episode was entirely dedicated to the Founder of SurfAce Apparel, Eileen Carls. She started SurfAce in 2014 as a Uni project and has encountered multiple struggles and challenges along the way. Watch the episode and learn more about her, her life and her mission!

The Natural Hustle EP2

The hustle continues! Eileen hasn't only had to deal with curveballs in the first chapter of designing, but also when looking for models in Taiwan. The fashion has changed in recent years, watch and find out how it was back in 2015!

Apple TV - SurfAce Bikinis


The passion for surfing, making bikinis and living a healthy lifestyle!


The design behind a "sticky bikinis" that stays put during the surf. 

Dongsen TV

The girl who loved surfing so much, that she started a business and started to make functional bikinis!

Mingshi News

How young girls in Taiwan overcome challenges and start up their dream business.